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With the rising prevalence of obesity, there’s a growing need for advanced treatment options that are safe, effective, and minimally invasive. In recent years, there has been a surge in the development and approval of endoscopic procedures for weight loss. These procedures offer promising options for individuals seeking to shed excess weight without undergoing traditional surgery or relying solely on medication.

The Benefits of Endoscopy

Endoscopic procedures offer several advantages over traditional surgical methods. They ensure faster recovery times, minimal discomfort, and no visible scarring. Unlike medication-based treatments, endoscopic approaches provide significant weight loss without the side effects commonly associated with medications. Additionally, individuals with lower Body Mass Index (BMI) who may not qualify for bariatric surgery can benefit from endoscopic treatments. These procedures serve as a valuable tool in the comprehensive management of obesity, catering to a wide range of patients’ needs.

Understanding the Procedure

Endoscopic treatments involve the insertion of narrow, flexible instruments through the mouth and into the stomach. These instruments, equipped with video cameras, allow for precise visualization and manipulation of the stomach’s internal structures. Two notable endoscopic procedures for obesity treatment include:

Intragastric Balloon

This reversible procedure involves inserting a small balloon device into the stomach through a narrow tube passed through the mouth. Once in place, the balloon is inflated with fluid, occupying space in the stomach and reducing appetite. As a result, patients feel fuller faster and consume smaller portions of food. This approach offers a non-surgical option for weight loss with fewer side effects than medications.

Endoscopic Suturing

Endoscopic suturing is performed by inserting a tube with a camera into the stomach via the mouth. Tiny instruments passed through the tube allow for suturing of the stomach from within, without the need for external incisions. This procedure effectively reduces the size of the stomach, leading to earlier satiety and significant weight loss. Patients typically achieve a 30% reduction in excess weight without the need for ongoing medication.

Continual Advancements

The Metro Center for Gastroenterology and Gastro-Surgery is committed to advancing and refining endoscopic procedures for the benefit of our patients. Our team works tirelessly to develop innovative techniques and ensure their clinical effectiveness in addressing obesity and related health concerns.

Endoscopic treatment for obesity offers a modern and patient-centric approach to weight loss management. With its minimal invasiveness, rapid recovery, and significant weight loss outcomes, endoscopy provides hope and support to individuals struggling with obesity. If you’re considering weight loss options, consult with our experts at the Metro Center to explore the possibilities of endoscopic treatment tailored to your needs and goals.