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Patients are admitted to Metro Hospitals from different sources:

  • OPD- Doctors might advice for admission to a respective ward.
  • Casualty- Emergency patients are treated and admitted if required
  • Referrals: Referrals from Secondary Care Centres / Clinics, etc.

On the advice of the treating doctor, the patient will be admitted to the concerned ward. The ward will be designated by the inquiry staff at the admission desk (Ground Floor) and will be entered in the case sheet. All the patients will be admitted under their unique hospital identification (UHID) so as to maintain the record for future reference. Visitor’s Pass will be issued at the time of admission.

A minimum amount is needed to be deposited at the billing cash counter as advised by the admission desk staff. This deposition amount varies depending upon the area/ward in which the patient is being admitted.
In case the patient has cashless facilities then they have to visit TPA desk or the corporate desk. Their admission formalities are completed as per the guidelines of the respective Corporate or Insurance Company.


Once the staff gets the intimation from the concerned department, the discharge procedure is initiated. The process takes up approximately 3 hours from the verbal instructions of the discharge to hand over of discharge papers.

In the paying cases, the discharge is handed over to the party of the patient in the ward only after all the hospital dues are settled in the billing cash counter. In the case of TPA/cashless/corporate discharge, all the formalities will only be completed after getting the approval from the concerned company.

Our nurse will explain all the medications which the patients need to continue after the discharge and about any other follow up instructions.
In case the patient requires the medical ambulance for the drop, then the party needs to inform our nurse or our patient care executive as they will make the necessary arrangements.