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North India’s 1st TrueBeam with Rapid Arc

For Fast & Precise Cancer Treatment

The TrueBeam – an advanced linear accelerator, is capable of fast and precise image-guided radiotherapy ensuring narrowly targeting of tumors and better in avoiding surrounding healthy tissues & organs.

This Linac will change the way Cancer Treatment is done in terms of Radiation Oncology through its 60% faster delivery and 25% less dose.

TrueBeam offers many innovations, including:
  • Imaging tools that can verify not only the patient’s position, but also the magnitude
    of tumor motion during a treatment, enabling accurate tumor targeting.
  • Fast, automated treatment delivery management that significantly shortens the duration of sophisticated treatments involving different beam angles.
  • * RapidArc radiotherapy technology, which delivers a precise image-guided intensity-modulated treatment in as little as two minutes a day. RapidArc and a new Gated RapidArc capability made it possible to use this treatment approach for tumors of the kidney, liver, lung and breast, when tumor motion is an issue.

Unleashing the Potential of PET CT

Advanced & Precise

Metro Cancer Institute is proud to offer state-of-the-art PET/CT services using the highly acclaimed Discovery™️ IQ Gen 2 system. As the most widely utilized and trusted PET/CT system globally, it delivers exceptional image quality while minimizing radiation dose. Designed with scalability and high performance in mind, this advanced diagnostic system exceeds clinical needs and enhances clinical outcomes, productivity, and profitability. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures that we provide the best-in-class PET/CT services for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

  • Utilization of DiscoveryTM IQ Gen 2, the leading PET/CT system worldwide
  • Exceptional image quality with reduced radiation dose
  • Scalable and high-performance system for evolving clinical needs
  • Improved clinical outcomes, productivity, and profitability
  • Cutting-edge technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

Cath Labs

At Metro Hospitals we have revolutionized interventional and diagnostic cardiac procedures by incorporating the latest cathlabs from all known names in cathlabs. Our machines use the flat panel Solid state digital detector which ensures that stents and other low- contrast objects are clearly imaged especially during fluoroscopy and other high dose procedures. These systems are equipped with fully integrated imaging systems which aid the clinicians to size small vessels, open arteries with precision, place stents and in other clinical needs for interventional and diagnostic angiography. In order to minimize patient dose, innovative dose management techniques and ease of positioning techniques have been brought to use.

Wipro GE Prodigy Advance Densitometer

At Metro Hospital we have the best of Dexa Scan, Wipro GE Prodigy Advance Densitometer, which helps to strengthen the clinical confidence with streamlined DXA workflow with a full suite of automated tools and connectivity options. Wipro GE Prodigy Advance Densitometer delivers optimal patient and practice experience. It delivers low dose radiation. Wipro GE Prodigy Advance Densitometer provides data of soft tissues and bone composition along with bone-mineral density (BMD), lean and fat tissue mass and the percentage of fat. The advance features of Wipro GE Prodigy Advance Densitometer is not only helpful in DXA scanning process flow with ease but also help in enabling doctors to manage their patient data and business more efficiently.