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Metro Hospital Sets a Milestone: Faridabad’s First-Ever Finger Joint Replacement

By Dr. Rajiv Thukral in Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, Faridabad

Metro Hospital, Faridabad, achieved a new medical milestone with the successful completion of the region’s inaugural finger joint replacement surgery. Mr. Rami Abdulkareem, a 29-year-old from Iraq, had suffered a devastating hand injury nine months earlier when a heavy object crushed his middle finger, resulting in a badly fused joint and severe tendon damage. Despite seeking solutions globally, his predicament remained unresolved until Dr. Rajiv Thukral, Director of Orthopedics at Metro Hospital, Faridabad, offered a promising solution in India.

After rigorous assessments, including a detailed CT scan, a customized 3D- printed titanium finger joint was crafted to fit Rami’s unique anatomy. The swift 40-minute surgery proved a triumph, enabling Rami to regain immediate functionality in his hand. This groundbreaking procedure not only relieved Rami’s suffering but also highlights the hospital’s dedication to pioneering healthcare solutions.

The introduction of this surgery in Faridabad marks a significant advancement, considering the scarcity of artificial finger joints worldwide compared to more commonly available joint replacement options. Tailoring a patient-specific titanium joint involves a meticulous process of design, fabrication, testing, and sterilization, spanning around two weeks and offered upon request. Dr. Thukral, leveraging his extensive 24-year experience in joint replacements, went above and beyond traditional practices to alleviate Rami’s plight, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to innovative medical interventions.