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Successful Minimally Invasive Heart Tumor Removal: Mr. Dhiraj Kumar’s Journey

By Dr. Jeewan Pillai in Metro Hospital and Heart Institute, Sector 12, Noida

Mr. Dhiraj Kumar, a patient under the care of Dr. Jeewan Pillai, Chief Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon at Metro Hospital and Heart Institute in Noida Sector 12, underwent a successful minimally invasive surgery to remove a heart tumor known as a myxoma.

The myxoma, measuring approximately 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm, had occupied almost the entire left atrium of Mr. Dhiraj’s heart, impairing its function. His left ventricular fraction had dropped to 35%, and he was also experiencing high pulmonary arterial pressure, leading to a leakage in the valve on the right side of his heart.

Dr. Pillai informed Mr. Dhiraj that the heart myxoma required urgent surgical intervention. However, instead of opting for a conventional open-heart surgery, the doctor offered two options: the traditional approach of cutting the chest open or a minimally invasive surgery through a 2-inch incision to remove the tumor.

Mr. Dhiraj, after considering the pros and cons, decided to undergo the minimally invasive surgery. The procedure was performed on the 19th of the month, and the tumor was successfully removed.

Within just two days, on the 21st, Mr. Dhiraj reported feeling much better. He no longer experienced breathlessness, a symptom he had been struggling with before the surgery. The minimally invasive approach had allowed for a quicker recovery, enabling Mr. Dhiraj to regain his health and quality of life in a shorter time frame.

This successful case highlights the advancements in cardiac surgical techniques, where minimally invasive procedures can be employed to treat complex conditions like heart tumors, offering patients a less invasive alternative with improved outcomes and faster recovery times.