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80 year old patient saved from heart valve problem with most advanced TAVI procedure

By Dr. Neeraj Jain in Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, Faridabad

An 80-year-old female with a history of multiple stents in the past was admitted with complaints of breathlessness and dizziness. An echocardiogram (Echo) revealed a constriction in one of her heart valves, and an electrocardiogram (ECG) showed intermittent heart stoppage. Dr. Neeraj Jain examined her and recommended a permanent pacemaker and valve replacement.

Since the patient was already mobile and able to walk, the family was apprehensive about such a major surgery and valve replacement. She underwent a detailed evaluation by Dr. Neeraj Jain and his team, including Dr. Niti, Dr. Ajay, and Dr. Jainendra. Instead of going with traditional way of surgery, team opted for the most advanced Trans Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedure which helped patient to recover faster at such an old age. In this procedure, the patient did not receive general anesthesia, was not put on a ventilator, and was able to communicate with her family immediately after surgery, which was very reassuring.

The next day, her permanent pacemaker was implanted, and within 24 hours of undergoing two major surgeries, she was mobilized. The patient was able to walk, eat on her own, and perform routine activities under observation.

Usually, traditional valve replacement surgery involves a chest incision, ventilator support, and a surgical duration of approximately 5-6 hours. Afterward, the patient remains on a ventilator for the next 24 hours, with 3 to 5 tubes inserted into the chest, causing discomfort, chest pain, limited mobility, loss of appetite, and weakness. The recovery period typically takes 2 to 3 months. However, in this case, the patient was mobilized within 24 hours, without facing any above mentioned issues.

Metro Hospital has been credited with performing Haryana’s 1″ TAVI in past.