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  Metro Hospital & Heart Institute, Rewari, Haryana.



It is our privilege to introduce ourselves as leading healthcare service provider to the society. We provide the excellent healthcare services at most affordable cost. It was a dream of World fame cardiologist & Chairman of Metro Group Of Hospitals Dr Purshottam Lal  (Padam Vibhusha & Padamshree) that  nobody should leave without  treatment for the lake of money  and he decide to open  the chain of the hospitals on those areas where  were healthcare facilities not found, Metro Hospital & Heart Institute is a part of that chain.

Metro Hospital & Heart Institute  is state-of –the art 51 bedded Cardiac specialty hospital, located at Dharuhera  Chungi Circular Road Rewrai, Haryana .The Hospital, tr uly futuristic in its services and Technology, bring together some of the most talented medical professionals to provide the  healthcare services to the society . The hospital provides preventive, diagnostic, Therapeutic, rehabilitative, palliative and support services under one roof and designed to meet Patient care and research requirements of the new millennium.

Metro Hospital & Heart Institute offers state –of –the art facilities in invasive cardiology like Angiography, Angioplasty, Tenting , Bypass, Open Heart Surgery, Valve  Replacement  Pace making etc , as well as in non Invasive cardiology like Echo, TMT, ECG, Halter etc.

Interventional Cardiology


The Department consists  of a team of highly qualified and skilled cardiologist, who have played pioneering role in introducing large number of techniques first time in India to save the lives like Directional Atherectomy , Slow Rotational Angioplasty, Rotablator, Coronary and peripheral Stenting, Non Surgical Closer of Heart holes like ASD,VSD, PDA, Coil Embolisation and many more. The Department is equipped with state-of –the art cath lab of GE. With   several research programs in collaboration with prestigious universities of USA, Metro Heart Institute has made a landmark both nationally and internationally by presenting more than 100 original research papers.

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

The department of cardiothoracic surgery is fully equipped  0f state-of-the art equipments like Heart Lung Machine, Ventilators , Monitors, work station etc which managed by highly qualified and experienced cardiac surgeons who have played pioneering role in conducting wide variety of cardiac surgeries such as bypass surgery, beating heart surgery, valve replacement, total corrective surgeries for congenital heart diseases etc 

Critical Care Unit


The Hospital has 12 bedded ICU with fully equipped of state-of the art medical Equipments and talented critical care physicians well trained nurses and paramedical staff. The ICU offers facilities for high end multipara monitors, ventilators and other medical equipments are managed round the clock by the trained intensivists. A unique features is the indoor air quality supported by dedicated air supply units that keeps the critical care area free from any kind of contamination

Outpatient Services


The Hospital has more than 6 cardiologist consultants with the capacity to handle of 50 to 75 outpatients every day.

Inpatient Services


The Hospital offers in class inpatients through its 51 beds. Each Room provides a comfortable environment for patients and their attendants, having with cafeteria for all patients including the   critically ill. The option is available for patients:

  • VIP Suites
  • Single Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • Three Bedded Rooms
  • General Wards



The emergency unit at Metro Hospital located on basement for convenient swift access. In case of any types of emergency, Round the clock trauma is a one stop accident and emergency Facility, equipped to handle a range of medical crises. Emergency is managed in a 6 bedded emergency care unit having with 24x7 duty doctors trained nurses, and well trained paramedical staff. Dedicated elevator s to ensure quick transfer of patients to Operation Theater and ICU s. Round the clock ambulance services to pick the patients from anywhere. The Emergency has equipped best in class critical life- saving equipment.
Reception & Inquires


For the convenient of attendants of the patient we have 24x7 reception and Inquires to give the right information about the patients. Attendants of the patient may know about the patient on telephone as given; 01274-252033, 252133, 9992999203, 9992999658

Other Support Services; Metro Hospitals & Heart Institute provides the following support services 24x7 round the clock.

  • Ambulance
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Radiology 


Circular Road, Dharuhera Chungi, Rewari
Helpline no : 01274- 252133
Ambulance : +91-9992-999-203,