Diarrhoea is the condition of having frequent or loose stools Acute diarrhoea is very common now a days. Dehydration can be the result of the frequent watery stools when they are left unchecked. You can also loose dangerous amounts of diarrhoea-treatment-2salts, nutrients and electrolytes due to diarrhoea.
Diarrhoea is normally caused by mild viruses. This is especially true in areas where proper sanitation is an issue. There are more serious forms of diarrhoea that are caused by severe infections such as botulism and cholera.

Diarrhoea is most commonly associated with loose or frequent stools. There can also be cramping, bloating and gas involved which can make the condition even more unpleasant. Dehydration is another symptom of diarrhoea. Dehydration can cause dry mouth, fatigue and can also make your eyes look sunken in.
Prevention is best when it comes to diarrhoea. You should always wash your hands after you using the restroom and after having contact with people outside of your family. Try to avoid eating any shell fish from a buffet if you must eat at a buffet. Eating three servings of yogurt with pro-biotics everyday, or taking a pro-biotic supplement such as Xbiotic is advisable.

When you get diarrhoea it is important to immediately change your diet. You should stick to a liquid and soft food diet until the diarrhoea clears up. Mashed potatoes, chicken broth and gelatine are all good foods that will be easy on your stomach. Make sure that you are ingesting plenty of clear liquids to keep your body hydrated.

If the diarrhoea is mild you can also eat yogurt, cheese and bananas.